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Penis Augmentation

What is the normal anatomical length or thickness of the penis is not mentioned in most anatomy books. However, more and more men are very interested in obtaining a larger penis regardless of the existence of a functional problem.


Penis enlargement can be done on two levels: either the length only or the perimeter (thickness), or even in combination, which is the most common.

  • How is the surgery done?

    Approximately one third to half of the penis is inside the body. There it is conected with specific links to the bottom surface of the pubic bone. During erection, these links help the penis erect above the pubic bone. When surgically we unlock the central of these links, longer part of the penis comes out of the body, allowing it to appear larger and protrude more in the area outside the belly, giving in conclusion a more functional length. The surgery does not affect functionality in any way.

    Depending on your body type, you may need liposuction in the abdomen.

    In essence, the size of the penis is not increased, just a portion is "dug up", which is already located in the surrounding tissues.

    The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 2 hours.

    The patient leaves the clinic on the same day wearing a special corset. The sutures are absorbable and are not removed. The incisions are made in the creases of the skin and are not visible.

    Sex is allowed 3 weeks after surgery.

    For thickening the penis, the usual method is to use our own fat, which after removing it with special micro-spigots from the belly or anywhere else there is, we process it and inject the entire body of the penis. Thus we achieve a large increase of the circumference, i.e. thickening of the penis. This fat is absorbed by 50%, so you'll need a second time to repeat the process for a permanent result.

    Another method of thickening the penis with permanent results is the technique with the use of so-called Scaffolds. It is a specific type of biological implants like sponges which are positioned along the body of the penis and grow its volume.

  • What should I know before surgery?

    As before every surgery, the doctor will ask for a complete medical history, will interrupt your anticoagulant drugs (aspirin, anti-inflammatory) for one week before and one after the operation and will ask you to stop smoking for 4-5 days before surgery.

    Some complications such as swelling, bruises and bleeding can occur, but in the doctor's hands with experience on the subject, chances are minimized.


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