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Sex change - Transsexual

When a person feels trapped in a body of the "wrong" sex, plastic surgery is to solve the problem. When the person is fully conscious and really wants to intervene to change- according to how s/he feels- the errors, then things are very simple.


A prerequisite, under applicable law in Greece, is the monitoring of the patient by a psychiatrist and a qualification of her/ his mental stability.

  • How is sex change done from a man’s body to a woman’s??

    The sex reassignment surgery from man to woman,physically speaking, is a process that has been simplified with the passage of time and the evolution of science of plastic surgery. This is a procedure that takes about 4 hours, with a rapid recovery (3-4 days), and minimal post-operative pain being treated with simple painkillers.
    Clearly a large factor in all this is the experience of the plastic surgeon in similar incidents.
    The operation begins with amputation of the testicles, urethra and corpus cavernosum from its base, while maintaining proper blood flow of the penis skin and if possible the glans.
    The skin of the penis and the glans, are reversed so as to create the interior of the vagina and a uterus pseudocervix (which of course does not exist) between the rectum and the prostate. The aesthetic result is really impressive and after a month, the functionality of the vagina is almost complete. Of course, as is well understood, it cannot achieve full and normal lubrication. Many patients, who undergo sex change from male to female, have vaginal orgasm, and this is explained because the skin of the penis which is used as tissue- which is normally perfused- in creating the neovagina, retains the sensitivity. Besides, the neovagina is adjacent to the pudendal plexus of the anus and the prostate.
    Clearly some other operations should be done such as breast augmentation with implants and changes to the face such as depilation and depending on the case some cosmetic procedures to make the face more feminine, such as strengthening the cheekbones or filling the lips.
    Still, some more interventions on the upper body and the limps, with fat transplant from the abdomen-which is the point where men store fat-to the area of ​​thebuttocks-the point that women store fat-can give an excellent aesthetic result.

  • How is sex change done from a woman’s body to a man’s?

    The change of sex from woman to man is not as simple as vice versa. It takes several surgical procedures and the effect is not always the desired. The composition and texture of the skin of the penis can only be simulated. Erection is achieved by specific erectile silicon devices, and with testicles’ implants. Microsurgery can give solution to aesthetic problems, but orgasm will be a brain function always without relief. Clearly the breast will be removed and the face will be made more masculine.
    The visit to the plastic surgeon will solve all your questions regarding the surgery process, the hormone treatments and the number and duration of surgery that you should undergo.

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