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Liposuction - Liposculpture


Fat transfer from particular points of our body with excess, to points that need filling is considered the future of cosmetic surgery. With material from the same body, it is a completely safe procedure with impressive results. The fat that is usually obtained from the belly and thighs is used to "fill" wrinkles and lips, to lift cheekbones and to lift the upper arm.


  • What is liposuction?

    Liposuction is called the removal of localized fat from specific points through very fine faucets. Faucets are very long needles, 2-3mm thick. Giorgio Fisher, a gynecologist from Italy invented in 1974 the original form of liposuction. Since the mid-70s, the French professor ILLOUZ developed the method of liposuction in the form we know today. Until then, the fat-removal was performed by many imaginative ways with often disastrous results.
    Since the end of the ‘90s the liposuction procedure was perfected. Liposuction, in contrast to the beliefs of many patients, is not a method for treating obesity or cellulite and cannot replace in any way diet or exercise. Liposuction should under no circumstances be considered a diet method.
    After a liposuction, we lose volume rather than weight. Practically if for example in a liposuction 4L are removed, they are not translated into 4 kg, they are translated to no more than 800 grams, because the specific weight of fat is very small. In short we lose points rather than weight. Liposuction is a procedure that removes accumulated localized fat, from specific points in order to perfect the body proportions.

  • Why do some people accumulate fat and others not?

    The deposition of fat in certain body parts, such as "saddlebags", lower belly, waist, points that are difficult even after dieting and vigorous exercise to smoothen, is the result of the specific type of fat cells we have in these areas. The way the fat in our body is developed, is predetermined by our DNA.

    During childhood and adolescence- during development- fat cells increase in number and volume. After the growth period, they only increase in volume. In most areas of our body the fat is in two layers: a deeper and one nearer the surface.
    The deep layer of fat is thicker and that near the surface is thinner.
    The localized fat is in the deepest layer in our body and cellulite in the superficial.
    Liposuction is done to the deeper fat layers.

  • What is the right age for liposuction?

    The myth that liposuction can only be done in small ages (up to 35), because after the skin loosens, does not apply. This depends on the technique and the knowledge of the doctor.

    Today, women and men of all ages can undergo liposuction surgery. For this the development of new techniques, such as using radio frequency or LASER, has helped.

  • What is the process of liposuction with Laser?

    Liposuction according to the size of the problem can be done under local anesthesia or sedation. Very rarely, when large areas are going to be treated it is done under general anesthesia. With an optical fiber we melt the fat that is to be removed while simultaneously we act selectively in dermal collagen producing cells resulting in the simultaneous tightening of the skin.
    Melting the fat makes the procedure less traumatic in order to avoid many bruises as in classical liposuction. Additionally to subtract melted - homogenized fat does not cause unevenness.

  • How long will I have to stay at the clinic after surgery and when is my life going to return to its normal rhythm?

    You will stay at the clinic, depending on the extent of the problem, a few hours until the afternoon of the same day. 

  • Liposculpture

    Liposculpture is a paradigm shift in the liposuction procedure without the negatives.
    It is the three-dimensional approach to the remodeling of body proportions.
    We no longer look on one or two areas "buns", but the body as a whole to create as perfect proportions as possible.
    So with liposculpture we remove fat from an area that may apparently not bother to introduce it to another. If, for example, we remove the fat from the lower back (lumbar region) and the sides of the body, we will emphasize the promotion of buttocks. If, on the other hand, we add the fat that we have removed to the buttocks the result will be impressive!
    This process can be done on the whole body and the fat used in the calves, arms (making the "aging" hand more youthful looking), the face (cheekbones) etc. Last but not least, Liposculture is a process that does not need treatment at a clinic.
    As in classic liposuction, for 4 weeks you wear a corset. There are no stitches.

  • Will the fat return doctor?


    The number of fat cells in our body is genetically predetermined. If for example we remove fat from an area (lipoapothikes), it does not return because the fat cells are not reborn.

    The claim we sometimes hear that “fat is added, or sitting over the place from which it was removed”, it is not true!
    This illusion is created, because if for example after liposuction at the so-called "saddlebags", we put on weight throughout the body, at the point of liposuction fat deposition is less and a difference is obvious in comparison to the rest of the body. The problem, however, is weight gain and not that the fat meant to go to the "buns" now sits in the waist!!!

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