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Calf Augmentation or Reduction


The very thin legs (the calves in particular), the accumulation of fat in the calves and knees, injuries and any congenital malformations in calves spoil visually one of the most powerful charms that women have. Well formed legs enhance the sexuality of women and boost their confidence. In recent years a surgery that has gained fans from the male sex also. A solution is also given for the gap between the legs that creats a sense of crooked legs.

  • Calf Augmentation

    Growth calf done in three ways:
    1. Silicone implants placement
    2. Fat transfer
    3. Hyaluronic acid injection

  • Silicone implants placement

    With a small incision behind the knee, the doctor will place beneath the peritoneum of the gastrocnemius muscle, the appropriatly shaped silicone implant for your case. It is an operation performed with sedation or epidural anesthesia. The surgery lasts an hour. The results are permanent and impressive. The legs look more "full", stronger and shapelier. Postoperative complications are rare when you are in experienced hands

    Patients stay one night at the clinic and return to work after a week. For seven days you should wear antithrombotic socks. It is advisable for the first few days to put the feet on pillows when you sit. You can walk immediately, but in moderation. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure for 2-3 weeks. Full restoration and exercise at the gym after 4 weeks.

  • Fat transfer

    Fat transfer is performed under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization. With this procedure, we remove fat from other areas of the body, and after we process it, we insert it in the calves with thin needles. It is a process without complications, provided the material we use (fat) is derived from our own body, but the volume we can achieve is less than that achieved with silicone implants. Also, because the fat is absorbed by the body, it may be necessary to repeat the process 2 or 3 times.

  • Hyaluronic acid injection

    With local anesthesia and without incisions high density hyaluronic acid is injected for enhancing the volume of the calf. But within 12-18 months it needs to be repeated because hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body.

  • Calf Reduction

    For very bulky and thick legs, mikroliposuction and liposculpture is the ideal solution for thinning them. Especially at the calf, liposculpture can highlight the curvature and the thin highly attractive area above the ankles.

  • What is the preoperative process?

    The meeting with the doctor is very important to consider the venous system of the lower limbs. Detailed medical examination should be done to investigate the possibility of venous insufficiency, varicose veins or thrombosis (in most healthy women no such issues arise) and if the results are satisfactory we move to planning the surgery. You will stop taking any anticoagulant pills and stop smoking for one week before and one week after the operation.

  • Which method is applied for calf diminution and what do I need to know?

    The combination of lipolysis (fat cells disintegration) or mikroliposuction with laser and liposculpture allows the doctor to remove fat from the deeper but also the more superficial layers of the calf, in order to achieve the best possible aesthetic result. Because the calf is highly vascular and has a very special anatomy, the doctor plans the surgery with special attention. That is why the classical liposuction is not an appropriate method of reducing the volume of the calf. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the patient returns home and in everyday life the same day. The presence of complications is rare and any swelling and bruises disappear very quickly.

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