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Butt Augmentation (Gluteal Enlargement)

With gluteal enlargement surgery we achieve growth in volume and refinement of the outline and firmness of the buttocks..

With gluteal enlargement surgery we achieve growth in volume and refinement of the outline and firmness of the buttocks.

Newer implants are of pliable, very durable material with shape specially adapted to the anatomy of the buttocks- and not round.

  • Surgery

    Before surgery, the surgeon draws over the buttocks the position where the implants will be inserted, in order to have better symmetry.







    The surgery is usually performed in general anesthesia, and also epidural. The incision is approximately 5cm and it is done between the buttocks.









    A "pocket" is then under the gluteus maximus muscle drilled, and thereby the implant is covered by the muscle, giving naturalness to the buttock. (Formerly the implants were placed directly under the skin, however, this technique had not had a good aesthetic result and it had many complications).

    After surgery and for 3 weeks, a special corset is worn. For the first 24-36 hours the position of the body at rest should be face down or on your side. For the same period of time- due to the trend in the operated area- painkillers will be needed, possibly intravenously. After the first 24 hours you may need a simple painkiller, but not permanently.


    After three weeks, exercise is allowed, gradually increasing. If intramuscular injection is needed in the future, for whatever reason, it should be done in the thigh to avoid puncturing the implant.

  • Complaications

    Reports of implants bursting belong to the days of the early non-specific implants, as well as reports of fibrosis of the capsule when the implants were placed superficially.

    Flat Type

    Upper Flat Type

    Sides Flat Type

    Inner Sides Flat Type

    Lower Flat Type

    Any asymmetry is basically due to incorrect design, therefore different insert. This is why the choice of doctor should be guided by her/his knowledge and experience and not the low cost. The surgery can be combined perfectly with liposuction in the surrounding area (hips, upper buttocks) perfecting the contours and the projection of the buttocks.

  • 'Other possibilities

    Another possibility of increasing and improving the contour of the buttocks is inserting fat taken from other parts of the body (Liposculpture). In this case the operation is done under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.

    The method is good when you want to achieve a small increase in the volume and projection of the buttocks.

    We take the fat from a preselected part of the body, with specific liposuction spigots and after careful treatment of the fat (to separate fat from the other components) it is injected to the buttocks. Of course one might reasonably wonder where we can find the fat needed. Usually, even for thin people, we can draw without difficulty 400-500 ml (which will be needed augmentation), from areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs.

    Postoperatively 3 weeks an elastic girdle should be worn and for 10 days the body’s position in bed should be the side or face down. Fat is our own material and there is no fear of allergies, capsule or other complications that can be created (of course we always speak of a small percentage), by a foreign body.

    It is possible that about a 50-60% of fat will be absorbed by the body and a repeat liposculpture will be needed.

    In the same way we can also fill the contours of the face, the aged or weakened hand, lips, and also do penis enlargement.


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