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Vrachionoplasty - Arm lifting

A particular flaccidity problem is at the region of the arms. Age, weight change and several other reasons cause saggy arms and the characteristic "hanging" on the inner side.

  • How is arm lifting done?

    The operation can be done by total or local anesthesia depending on the patient's requirements. Arm lifting allows reconstruction and reorganization of the loose tissue of the arm by removing fat and skin that are in excess. It is often done in conjunction with liposuction. The surgical cut is done on the inner side of the arm, where after precise plans and measurements, we limit the size of abstraction and design an optimal and less noticeable incision. If we can, we limit the incision in the underarm area, but much more often, the need arises to be done up to the elbow that clearly creates a less hidden scar.
    The plan of operation proceeds per case.

    The procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours and if done under local anesthesia or sedation the patient can return home immediately. If done with general anesthesia, s/he returns home after 5-6 hours. The results are immediate and impressive. The stitches are absorbable, (no need to cut) except to one or two points from which the stitches are removed on the 10th postoperative day. After surgery, an elastic bandage is placed on the arm for about 48 hours. 

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