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Zygomatic Bone (Cheekbone) Surgery

Cheekbones are the "apples" of the face that have always been a sign of youth and beauty. However, the immense weight loss and physical damage make the cheekbones appear empty, thus highlighting the grooves next to the nose so the face looks aged and tired.

  • In what ways can I 'fill' my cheekbones?

    Increasing the cheekbone can be done in three ways:

    1. Surgical, by placing silicone implants in the cheekbones
    2. Adding fat with fat transplantation from your own body
    3. With injectable materials such as hyaluronic acid

    In each case the result is impressive and offers beautiful lines on the face.

  • Surgical method

    With the help of a computer simulation program the surgeon will discuss with you the desired effect. The surgery is short and can be combined with other interventions. Silicone implants are inserted-through small incisions inside the mouth- to the cheekbones, so there are no visible incisions.

  • How long is the recovery?

    After the operation you do not need hospitalization. The patient has a slight swelling on the face, which subsides within 4-8 days depending on the organism. Once the swelling subsides, the patient returns to normal rhythms. The results continuously improve for the next 2-3 months.

  • Which surgery is ideal to combine with cheekbone surgery?

    If the patient also needs blepharoplasty, then silicone implants are placed in the cheekbones from the incisions of the eyelid so there is no need to do them inside the mouth. Also the surgeon can insert the implants via facelift incisions, if there is such need.

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