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Fat Transfer-Stem Cells

Fat transfer from parts of our body with excess fat to those that need filling is considered the future of cosmetic surgery. With material from our own body, it is a completely safe procedure with impressive results. The fat, usually obtained from the belly and thighs, is used to "fill" wrinkles and lips, to lift cheekbones and to perform arms’ lifting.

  • What is the process?

    Initially, we select a part of the body with excess fat and with special tubes a small quantity of fat cells is sucked. Then, the material is placed in a special machine in which washing and centrifuging is performed. Then the clean and concentrated fat is placed in small syringes, ready for implantation through a thin needle. Usually you do not need local anesthesia. The pain of the injection is minimized by cooling the point using ice packs. The result is immediately apparent and impressive.

  • What should I do after the implantation?

    For about 1-2 days there will be a small swelling that will subside. The important thing to know is that after 4-6 weeks, some amount of fat is absorbed by the body, in which case the transfer should be repeated in a smaller scale. After the first time the doctor will keep frozen fat (can be maintained up to 3 months in cooling) in order to accelerate the time and to simplify the next procedure. 30% -60% of the implanted fat survives permanently in the area and behaves like it already existed there. The fat transplantation is a procedure that has impressive results and lasts long (10.4 years). Additionally it is completely safe because we ourselves donor material (fat) to be used.
    For more information on a research level use the link  here

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