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Lip Augmentation


  • But how should perfect lips look like?

    Τέλεια αναλογία από το ανώτερο σημείο του άνω χείλους μέχρι το κατώτερο σημείο του κάτω χείλους

    From the highest point of the upper lip to the lower point of the lower lip we count 3/3. The perfect ratio is from the highest point of the upper lip to the middle 1/3 and from the middle to the lower point of the lower lip 2/3.
    Νεανικά συμμετρικά χείλη, το τόξο του Έρωτα
    In youth symmetrical lips Cupid’s bow, as we call the top border of the upper lip, is well developed, strong and distinct.
    Αυλάκι που ξεκινά από τη ρινική βάση, και τελειώνει στο τόξο του έρωτα
    The groove (the filter with the two columns of left and right) is intense; it starts from the nasal base and ends at Cupid’s bow, giving volume to the upper lip, which is lost with the passage of time
    Το άνω χείλος πρέπει να προεξέχει 1 έως 2 mm από το κάτω χείλος
    Also, the upper lip edge should protrude 1 to 2 mm from the lower lip.

    Of course because aesthetic is a personal matter, the proportions may change according to your desire.

  • PERMALIP Technique

    LIP AUGMENTATION that is done to the upper lip is better aesthetically not to result to a bigger upper lip when compared to the lower lip. Apart from injectable materials and the injection of autologous fat - i.e. using your own fat- another technique which is permanent and is distinguished for its targeted results is the PERMALIP technique. In this method a material made of elastic silicone in the shape of the lip is used, with very soft and smooth surface for a perfect, natural and permanent result. The material is not injectable as injectable silicone has been banned.
    This specific method is for lip augmentation is simple, it is performed in the office and just a few minutes are sufficient to obtain the desired lip size.

    It is worth noting that this material has no relation with the liquid silicone that has been removed from trade.

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