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Gnathoplasty – Lower Jaw Surgery

Gnathoplasty can be classified as profile’s surgery. The purpose is not only to correct the shape of the chin and to create a harmonious profile of your face but also to harmonize the chin with the rest of the face.

  • Who needs gnathoplasty?

    Those with the need of lower jaw surgery are usually the ones that either have a jaw protruding sufficiently from the rest of the face (prognathism) or a jaw recessing from the rest of the face (micrognathism).
    The discrepancy that the chin may have, or the lower jaw and even the difference between the left and right side, can be a congenital problem or caused by an accident.

  • How is the correction done in every case?

    In the case of mikrognathism, the process is relatively easy. Silicone implants are placed in the chin in order for the straight line from the nose to the chin to come to its normal rate.
    You book an appointment with the doctor at the clinic. With local anesthesia, the doctor places the silicone pad and the patient leaves with a different profile. Pain is non-existent, but if it occurs is treated with simple painkillers. All you have to do is undergo antibiotic therapy for a week. This is an easy surgery with very satisfied patients.
    The prognathism problem is a complex problem which requires cooperation of the plastic surgeon with a surgeon specialized in lower jaw procedures. The result should not only be aesthetically acceptable but also functional. In this case the shape of teeth must also be examined. It is a more complex operation. Incisions must be made on the bone so as the chin can be placed backwards. However, it is a process that needs 2.5 hours in surgery and only a single week to recover. The patient is discharged two days after surgery.

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