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Breast Diminution (breast reduction )

Women with large breasts, apart from aesthetic problems, may also encounter medical problems such as pain in the back and shoulders and bruising on the shoulders by the strap of the bra.

  • What is breast diminution?

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  • Who is the right candidate for breast diminution?

    In addition to the emergence of a large and disproportionate to the rest of the body chest, the indications for such intervention are:
    • Chest that after pregnancy remains large in dimensions
    • Chest disproportionate to the rest of the body of the woman
    • Chest that due to weight causes pains in the spine and shoulders
    • Asymmetric chest (one larger than the other)
    • Chest heavy and hung that with perspiration can cause irritation and microbes on the skin beneath it
    • Chest restricting-especially in younger women, everyday and sports activity. It has also been shown that the reduction of a large breast reduces the likelihood of breast cancer. Breast diminution does not involve any additional material, and therefore is totally harmless.

  • When can I do the surgery?

    After the woman's full body growth stops- after 17 years- you can do the surgery. Also, if the patient needs to lose weight, it is better to have the operation after stabilizing to the desired weight in order to have longer lasting results.

  • What is the preoperative process?

    In the first visit to the plastic surgeon you should have an extensive discussion of your expectations from the surgery and of your wishes, which must be pragmatic above all. An experienced surgeon will guide you to the best breast size for your body. If the intervention is decided, it is advisable to do a mammogram if you have not done one recently. As before most surgeries, you will have to reduce or even stop smoking for about two weeks and stop any medicines you might take that affect blood clotting. Tell your doctor if you are taking any medication and the general state of your health.

  • How long does the surgery last and how long should I stay in the clinic?

    The surgery usually takes 2 hours. Fat, tissue and skin are removed from the bottom and the lateral part of the breast, and the nipple is rectified to be aesthetically symmetric with the new breast. After the operation is performed, with general anesthesia, the patient stays in the clinic for 2 days. Small drainage tubes will be placed in the breasts’ sides to avoid the collection of fluids and blood into the breasts, which are removed when the patient is discharged. The scars from the incisions, as with all surgeries, "fade off" with the passage of time.

  • How much time does the recovery take and how long do the results of the surgery last?

    Right after the procedure and the following 2 days at the clinic, a few additional days of rest is suggested. The chest may show a slight swelling, but the pain is minimal. If you wear sports bra for maximum support, you can go back to your normal life in a few days. During the first two weeks after surgery you should just avoid lifting weights. The duration of the effect usually lasts years and depends on the elasticity of the skin, pregnancies and weight changes of the patient. The results are immediately visible and the change in external appearance, impressive. The body displays beautiful symmetry and clothes fit better.



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