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Leading Plastic Surgeon in South Europe, thoroughly qualified, in private practice since 2003, with a record of more than 7,000 surgeries. Known for his innovative surgical techniques in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, and endoscopic plastic surgery ...
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Greece - a destination for Cosmetic Surgery


Destination Cometic Surgery

People from all over the world use his practice as a destination, flying into Αthens for the sole purpose of receiving his superlative treatment. If you are not located in Athens, but are seriously considering plastic surgery, you may be less limited than you think. Our office will work with you, giving any assistance necessary to make your trip as comfortable and easy as possible. We have an extensive knowledge of the surrounding areas and can recommend hotels, transportation arrangements and even entertainment ideas. We don't want to let your physical location prevent you from receiving the world-renowned treatment offered by top plastic surgeon, George Andreanidis. Contact us via e – mail, or call us on (+30) 210 3633200


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